The Many Female Faces That Make Up Yana Arora


In this article, readers get a deeper look into the various aspects of one woman’s personality, and who she accredits for these strong traits.

  In honor of Women’s History Month (Mar 1-Mar 31,) I felt as though it was a prime time to reflect on the numerous women in my life who have inspired me to be a better person, and were even so influential that some of their characteristics made me into the woman I am today. 

    From my nurturing and compassionate side, to my ambitious and passionate one, and even my sassiness and humor; they all feed off of the women who surround me. Whether I am at my highest or lowest points, these women are continuously there for me (maybe not always in person, but you’ll get the point.) 

    Without further ado, let’s get into the many female faces that make up Yana Arora:

1. Ride or Die: Sarah Burns

    Everybody has that one best friend that they could not imagine doing life without, and for me, that happens to be Sarah Burns, another senior here at Potomac Falls. Her unwavering confidence in herself and her ability to emote and express compassion with just about anyone, truly inspires me. Amidst my toughest days when my parents were getting a divorce, she was my shoulder to cry on. I learned from her that having a big heart is something to be celebrated, not ashamed of. Being there for the people you love is one of the most admirable things you can do. I am confident that I have learned a lot about what it means to grow as a person because of my best friend.

2. Birthgiver: Monica Khatri

    All the corny stuff aside, yes, my mom is truly the person I accredit for all the successes I have had thus far in life. She is a pillar of strength, who is always ready to do whatever it takes to be there for my brother, Aryan, and I. I am lucky enough to say that my mom and I have not just your regular mother-daughter relationship, but one where we can be best friends, too. I remember when I first opened up to her about my mental health struggles, and how she hugged me so tight and reminded me that I am not loved any less in her eyes. She taught me that weaknesses do not always have to be a negative in life, but can instead be celebrated. The things that make us different often make us even more special. She is 100% going to cry when she reads this, so I will make sure to have the tissues ready. Love you, mom.

3. Mini Me: Alia Arole

    If you think that a 12 year age gap between my younger cousin and I would stop us from becoming closer than ever, well you thought wrong. I have spent countless hours with her playing with her American Girl dolls, doing three marker challenge games, and watching tons of Barbie on Netflix, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Alia never fails to put a smile on my face. She has taught me that friendships surpass age gaps, and that sometimes, life gives you your very own built-in-best-friend. These are the bonds that cannot be broken, no matter how much time passes. I can’t wait to see her grow up and have me right there by her side, always.

4. Teacher of the Year: Kira Hoilman

    I always hoped that when I reached the end of my high school career, I would be able to say with utmost confidence that I created a strong bond with one or more teachers. Luckily, my hopes came to fruition as I built the relationship I now have with Mrs. Hoilman, a Psychology and Government teacher at PFHS. The first time I ever failed a test in her AP Government class, she told me that my grades don’t define me, a concept I had a hard time wrapping my head around. The number or grade you are given is nothing more than a statistic, and it will never define the amount of hard work you put into to succeed. She helps me believe more in my efforts each and every day.

5. Celebrity Girl Crush: Zendaya

    Remember when I mentioned in the beginning that some of these women may have an impact on me, but I have never met them before? Well, this is that woman. I know I sound like every other girl when I say that Zendaya helps to shape my identity, but I promise I have a good reason. I don’t like many women or men in Hollywood because a lot of what they put out there to their fans is all fake. Zendaya, however, has always struck out to me as a celebrity who is true to herself. She shows the world that it’s okay not to always be perfect, or to always wear makeup, or wear the most expensive outfits. She enunciates the fact that beauty is found on the inside. Your character, the way you love, and your intelligence are but a few things that triumph the concept of beauty. For someone like me who has always had issues with her self image, it has been very comforting to see someone so prominent in the media act as a voice for other girls like me. Extra brownie points for her for dating Tom Holland, of course.