Behind the Scenes: Being the Mascot


Photo by: Karwaan Kotwal

An inside look at what it is like to be the panther and a secret you didn’t know they were keeping.

Sept 9, 2022. Temperature: 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature inside the panther suit? Hotter than that. Fair at the Falls had come to an end, and the football game began. But what is a football game, without a mascot? And more importantly, who is our mascot? The character’s name is Pawly the Panther — a decision voted on by the student body last spring after the Student Council Association (SCA) purchased a new mascot costume. As for who is inside the suit, that’s a secret we just can’t tell — primarily because we just don’t know. Pawly was interviewed via SCA about what it’s like to be the panther. Their identity will be revealed eventually, but maybe this Q & A will clue you in. (But also, maybe not.)

What is it like to be the school mascot?

A: “It’s actually pretty fun. I got to meet some amazing people by being the mascot.”

Describe what it’s like to be in the mascot costume at a football game.

A: “Don’t ever, EVER, wear long sleeves [or] you will pass out. You get dehydrated very easily.”

How was the Battle of Sterling and your experience in the costume?

A: “ The seniors were definitely the most hype; it was great seeing them so excited. Although they tried taking off my head multiple times.”

What do you like about being the mascot? What do you not like?

A: “People not knowing who I am is one of the best parts. People will come up to me and swear they know me when they don’t. It’s always hilarious. My least favorite thing is probably middle schoolers — they grab everywhere. They’re also super loud. They even shoved a phone up my mouth to get a picture of my face.”

What is your favorite memory from being the mascot?

A: “Probably my breaks — besides that, tailgates and stuff are always super fun.”

Do your friends know you are the mascot? What were their reactions?

A: “Perhaps, good luck trying to get them to tell you though. 

Has someone ever recognized you in costume?

A: “Yeah, my uncle and a few friends.”