Nine TV Shows You Need to Watch


Some recent, upcoming, or currently airing TV shows to add to your watchlist.

Abbott Elementary 

Genre: Sitcom, comedy

Synopsis: Despite setbacks, a group of dedicated teachers (and their tactless principal) commit to help elementary school students succeed in life.

Abbott Elementary immediately got amazing reviews from critics. It touches on issues that are prevalent in a lot of schools across the country, such as inadequate funding and low resources. Additionally, the show’s creator, Quinta Brunson, was inspired by her mother, who taught elementary students. It’s a sweet, beautiful series supported by a great cast and writing.

Season two is currently airing on ABC. Season one can be watched on HBO Max and Hulu.


No Recipe Road Trip With The Try Guys

Genre: Travel, comedy

Synopsis: The Try Guys test their cooking ability by competing in restaurants across the country – with no experience, no instructions, and no hope. 

Originally from Buzzfeed, the Try Guys have gained notoriety, and announced a Food Network show after the success of their popular YouTube series Without a Recipe. The show sees them traveling across the country and attempting to make signature dishes. They’re very enjoyable, and it makes for a fun, lighthearted watch.

Season one is currently airing on Food Network. Past episodes can be watched on Discovery Plus.


Ted Lasso

Genre: Sports, comedy

Synopsis: Charismatic American football coach Ted Lasso is hired to coach an English Premier League soccer team, in the owner’s attempt to get back at her ex-husband.

Ted Lasso is the definition of a feel-good show. It balances lots of humor with more serious and meaningful moments, and every scene is clearly full of heart. There’s a reason the show has won so many awards over the past two years. There truly isn’t enough praise for it. 

Season three is upcoming. Seasons one and two can be watched on Apple TV. 


She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Genre: Superhero, action, comedy

Synopsis: Jennifer Walters has to balance both her dating life and her career as a lawyer with her ability to turn into a green, superpowered, 6-foot-7 Hulk.

Though misogynistic men attempted to review-bomb She-Hulk before it was released, the show has ended up triumphant, boasting a talented cast and a new style of writing previously unseen at Marvel. Every episode is delightful and full of surprises, and has received otherwise rave reviews from critics and fans.

Season one is currently airing on Disney+. New episodes come out every Thursday.


Only Murders in the Building

Genre: Mystery, comedy

Synopsis: Three strangers find themselves wrapped up in the grisly death of their neighbor, and, suspecting murder, start a true crime podcast to document the case.

If there’s one thing to take away from this article, it’s to watch Only Murders in the Building. The spectacular series has amazing leads and a plot that will have you hooked at every turn. It’s gained a cult following of sorts, but deserves appreciation from a much wider audience. The whole show has fall vibes, which is good for the upcoming season. 

Season three is confirmed. Seasons one and two can be watched on Hulu.


The Umbrella Academy

Genre: Superhero, action, comedy

Synopsis: Six estranged, dysfunctional siblings reunite at their father’s funeral, only to be tasked with both solving the mystery of his death and stopping the end of the world.

The Umbrella Academy is one of the most chaotic shows on Netflix right now. The premise almost sounds like a bad joke- a monkey man, a vigilante, an actress, a druggie, a fifteen year old boy, and a violinist have to prevent the impending apocalypse. They’re siblings, they’re superheros, and they don’t like each other. It’s funny in an unhinged way, and the soundtrack is so good. 

Season four (the final season) is confirmed. Seasons one, two, and three can be watched on Netflix.



Genre: Sitcom, comedy

Synopsis: After a near-death experience, New Yorker Samantha Arondekar realizes she can see the ghosts that inhabit her new, inherited country house. 

Despite the spooky premise, Ghosts is actually a fun, heartwarming series. Each ‘ghost’ is unique to a different time period, and their interactions, between both each other and the modern world, are hilarious. It’s very upbeat, and definitely worth a watch.

Season two premieres September 29 on CBS. Season one is available to watch on Paramount Plus.


Tiny World

Genre: Documentary

Synopsis: Paul Rudd narrates this series about the world’s tiniest creatures and seeing things from their point of view.

Who better to voice a series about small creatures than the never-aging Paul Rudd, Ant-Man himself? It’s a match made in heaven. In the show, you learn about tiny animals, insects, birds, and fish in different environments. The cinematography is beautiful and actually unreal at times.

Season three is in talks. Seasons one and two can be watched on Apple TV.


Ghost Files

Genre: Documentary, mystery, comedy

Synopsis: Paranormal bad boys Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, the former hosts of Buzzfeed Unsolved, return to ghost hunting once again.

This series has gotten many fans of the old show talking, with the trailer ranking first on the YouTube trending charts when it was released, and the topic periodically trending on Tumblr and Twitter. The series is the perfect balance of intriguing, scary, and humorous. Even for those who aren’t horror fans, the hosts are so entertaining and funny that it actually distracts from the haunted locations. 

This show premieres September 23 on the Youtube channel Watcher.