Beneath the Fur: the Life of a Furry


Photo by: Karwaan Kotwal

Sitting down with someone who identifies as a Furry.

Fair At The Falls on Sep 9 had good food, music and games, many clubs participate, and overall was a success. However, one particular appearance sparked interest in many at the fair.

By now you’ve probably heard or even seen the Furry cosplay that made a first school appearance at the fair. “Fair at the Falls was great. I was terrified at first, but then people started coming up to me and asking for pictures. It was really fun,” they stated.

A Furry is someone who dresses up as an animal, but acts like a human. Walking on two legs, talking like a human and doing everyday things as a human. 

 When asked in an interview, the Furry stated, “being a Furry is a way to express yourself through art and anthropomorphic animals, without people judging you.”

Recently, the Furry community has been receiving criticism through their atypical attire. “I don’t like the negativity and people making assumptions based on misinformation,” they said. “However, I do like that I can express myself, and I also like the community.”

Misinformation has been spread about Furries. “Becoming” a Furry is a gray area, because a lot of people think that becoming a Furry means to get a fursuit, when in reality only a very small portion of the fandom can afford fursuits. Some furries are big in online communities, others just like to draw anthropomorphic animals.

“I was inspired to join the fandom after seeing a lot of videos of creative people coming together and sharing ideas, and I knew I just wanted to be a part of it,” they said.

Being a Furry, for some, is not only a way to express themselves but is also a way to overcome personal hardships. “Doing what I do helps me overcome my social anxiety. When I put on the mask, I can talk to anyone because nobody knows it’s actually me.” 

“One of my goals is to inspire others and teach them not to care what other people think because in 10 years, who’s going to care?”