The Art of Vewn


One artist’s work and what it means to create “good” art

What constitutes “good” art? Many would say realism, proportionality, and, to some extent, neatness. If these are the criteria one is looking for, Vewn does not deliver. Nevertheless, there is something incredibly pleasing about her work.

Vewn, also known as Victoria Vincent, creates colorful, captivating drawings and animations which she posts on Instagram, Youtube, and other social media sites. Despite its messy and somewhat chaotic nature, the art exhibits great skill. The pieces utilize interesting perspectives and a masterful use of color to create art with movement, life, and character.

Vewn posts short animations on Youtube, beginning with Pizza Movie in 2016. These darkly comedic videos have received a fair amount of online recognition. In fact, Vincent was commissioned to create a short animation called We The People for Netflix last year.

Each of Vewn’s animations carries a message, sometimes more subtle than others. They tend to be quite depressing in nature, showcasing a pessimistic view of the world and society as a whole. This contrasts interestingly with the bright, playful, and lively style of the art itself. 

The incredibly dynamic nature of Vincent’s art is one of its most appealing aspects. Not to be skipped out on, however, are her unique and charming characters. Having colorful hair, masks and costumes they refuse to take off, and sometimes being simply inhuman, the protagonist of Vewn’s animations is more often quirky and memorable than not.

Another distinctive feature of Vincent’s animations is the soundscape. Though each scene has some kind of ambient sound, it often sounds fairly lonely. When it’s needed, however, an energetic, beat-heavy soundtrack kicks in, once again contributing to the dynamic up-and-down of a Vewn animation.

So, is Vewn’s art “good”? Yes. Vincent’s style is intentional and pleasing, and it demonstrates not only a clear understanding, but a mastery of color theory, perspective, and other art concepts. The art is good not in spite of the messiness and reality-bending proportions, but for them. Additionally, Vewn’s works bring attention to the realities of bad mental health, the failings of capitalism, drug abuse, and other topics with their messages. 

For lovers of vibrant and meaningful art, Vewn is a must-see. A link to her website, which includes her online store, Youtube, and Instagram, can be found below.

Link to Vewn’s socials and webpage: