Fall Fits at the Falls: A dive into Potomac Falls students’ fall fashion


As the weather gets colder and the sun sleeps sooner, fall is in full effect. This season tends to inspire people to wear more layers to compensate for the lack of heat, but does bundling with a bunch of clothes open your style up to tons of options or only hides away the simplicity of your outfits? Is layering an ideal way of styling? We turned to Potomac Falls students to see what they are wearing and why.

Potomac Falls has a mix of students who just want to be comfy and cozy in their flannel PJ pants and their sweatshirts with a flannel on top, and those who use layering to elevate their outfits. 

“I feel like fall offers more versatility as to fashion. Flannels were good a couple years ago, but now everyone wears them, [they are] more and more basic every single year, [and] flannel pants are so underrated,” said senior John Altan. Altan’s daily look usually consists of a sweatshirt or zip up of some sort paired with pants and sneakers, whether it be jeans or baggy pants, “I feel like during the summer your options are pretty limited. One of my favorite things about the fall is outfit colors, like the brown, the maroon, the orange. Anything bright during the fall is just crazy,” said Altan 

The difference between summer and fall is that summer usually has you styling minimal amounts of clothing and breathable material for a lightweight look. Contrasting this to fall, autumn brings a heavier and bulky look for fighting off the cold. 

“I would say that I like outfitting myself more in the summer just because I like summer as a season, my environment shapes my fashion, but people who can pull off fall outfits are just better. I think I can pull off summer more; I think it’s just my personality. I’m at the pool all day so I’ll just wear a bikini top and jean shorts or stuff like that is my favorite,” said sophomore Claire McMahan, a varsity swimmer. For some, fashion is usually directed towards its utility, like how McMahan wears swimwear since the pool is her home.

“I do this very fun thing where I basically recycle my summer clothes. I like to wear little undershirts; I love a good turtle neck. I like to wear that or some type of undergarment with a T-shirt on top. It’s very much an easy way to stay warm and layered, and you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe because you can use your summer clothes. I also like flare leggings because you can either dress them up or down and make them comfortable,” said junior Mariam Tafwed. 

Starting last year and bleeding into this year, flared pants and leggings have boomed in women’s fashion as the rise of the y2k look has arrived. “If I had to choose a fall outfit it’d be something cozy, not those flared leggings but like flared pants,” McMahan adds. Although, styling flared pants today has a more modern twist to it, it could be paired merely with a sweatshirt this fall as a way of looking like you aren’t trying too hard while still being comfy.