Is it Football or Soccer?: Best Moments in World Cup 2022


A recap of a PFHS student’s favorite and most memorable moments in the Fifa World Cup in Qatar, 2022.

Every four years, hundreds of thousands of people tune into sports channels to watch one of the biggest and most famous tournaments of all time, the World Cup. There are 32 teams that can qualify for the tournament and are divided into eight groups. This year in 2022, the 32 teams around the world who qualified came together for the Fifa World Cup held in Qatar. Listed are the most memorable moments in World Cup 2022. 

Richarlison goal vs. Serbia, Thanksgiving Day 

For a majority of the game, the score was 1-0 with Brazil in the lead against Serbia. Brazil dominated the attack and possession throughout the entire match. In the 72nd minute in the Brazil vs. Serbia game on Thanksgiving day, thousands were able to witness the most iconic goal of the World Cup 2022. Richarlison managed to score by doing one of the most acrobatic moves in soccer, a bicycle kick. That Thanksgiving Day, Richarlison took the title of scoring the most iconic goal of the world cup. 

Pulisic goal vs. Iran, Nov. 29 

USA takes on Iran in the group stages of the World Cup. USA dominated possession and attacking opportunities in the first first half, but the score remained 0-0. In the 38th minute, star USA player Christian Pulisic scored against the Iranian team by crashing head first into the goalkeeper. After Pulisic scored, he remained on the ground for several minutes and suffered an abdominal injury. Pulisic needed to spend time in the hospital to recover, which resulted in a hilarious picture of Pulisic in a hospital bed that went viral. 

Netherlands vs. Argentina Tension, Dec. 9 

For a majority of the game, fan favorite Argentina was winning 2-0 over the Netherlands team, one of the goals being scored by soccer star Lionel Messi. However, the Netherlands team made an amazing comeback by scoring a header goal in the 82nd minute. When the Netherlands were trailing Argentina by one, a miracle goal was scored by a set piece, tying the score up 2-2 in the 90th minute. The teams ended up going into PKs, resulting in the Argentinian team winning the shootout and advancing to the next round. 

The Most Emotional Game Ever Played on TV, World Cup Final Dec. 18 

As the championship World Cup game approached, the two highly favored teams of the tournament, Argentina and France faced off for the final game. Both teams were stacked with very talented players, including Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe. By the end of the second half, Argentina was winning 2-0, which led most of the audience to believe that this game was over already. But, rising soccer star Kylian Mbappe scored 2 goals to tie up the game. By the 90th minute, the two teams had to settle the score in both overtime periods. Both of the most talented players on both teams, Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi scored one additional goal, making the score 3-3 after the two overtime periods. Finally, the one part of soccer games everyone dreads, was the PK shootout. As the whole world was on the edge of their seats, Argentina scored their 4th PK against the French team, making Argentina the 2023 World Cup Champions. 

World Cup 2023 had to have been the most intense and enjoyable World Cup in history. As this was many of the greatest soccer players in the world’s last World Cup, Lionel Messi being able to lift the cup was one of the many reasons why this year’s World Cup will go down as the most iconic tournament. Although this was the end of an era for many iconic soccer players, this tournament definitely showcased the new talent that is on the come up.